Volunteers typically carry one case at a time.

  1. A “case” is a child or sibling group of children who are involved with the Geauga County Juvenile Court system.
  2. It is estimated that each case takes approximately 10 to 15 hours of time commitment each month with the amount of time being greater at the onset of a case assignment.
  3. A “case” can be open with the court for up to two years.
  4. Many of our volunteers duties can be scheduled at their own convenience.  This includes visits with the children, note-taking, report writing, and meeting with CASA staff and professionals.
  5. Court hearings are held during business hours, and the volunteer should have at least enough flexibility in his/her schedule to attend hearings approximately every three months.
  6. How are CASA Volunteers assigned to cases?
    1. The judge refers the case to the CASA office and the staff determines the assignment based on matching criteria the volunteer has indicated and the volunteer’s availability.
  7. What qualifications to become a CASA volunteer?
    1. Commitment: The majority of cases remain open approximately two years
    2. Objectivity: Volunteers research case records and communicate with everyone involved in a child’s life, including family members, teachers, doctors, social workers and others.
    3. Communication skills: once a volunteer has fully evaluated a case, they prepare a written report outlining their recommendations for the child’s best interest.  The volunteer must be able to speak with authority in court as they testify and explain their rationale to the judge.
  8. What support is provided to the CASA volunteer?
    1. The volunteer will be assigned a supervisor who will assist them in creating a plan to begin research and continued monitoring of the assigned case.  The supervisor will provide support and review the volunteers report prior to submission to the court.  There is additional CASA staff for support.