Volunteer Role

Advocate for the child’s “best interests”, and inform the court of the child’s wishes at every stage of the process until formally discharged by the court.  Also advocate to assure the child’s needs are met by interfacing with school, mental health, arranging enrichment opportunities, etc.

Research thoroughly the case history and current status, reviewing all written reports, talking with all relevant parties (social workers, therapists, parents, relatives, foster parents etc.) and interviewing / observing the child(ren) in order to determine the issues and needs of the children and family.

Participate in the design of the case plan, determine if a permanent plan is considered for the child(ren) and whether appropriate services and “reasonable efforts” are being provided to the child and family.

Monitor the progress on the case plan and court orders by communicating with all parties and service providers and securing reports (regarding the parents and child).

Facilitate communication and collaboration with all principle people in the case to remove barriers and promote the best service and outcome for the children / family.